Top 7 Reasons Why Videos CAN BE so Expensive


If you’re looking to create a video on a budget, you must be wondering why videos are expensive. Read on to get your answer.

Image of a video production team underway

Image of a video production team underway

Although videos are an effective medium for capturing audience attention, driving customer engagement and conveying brand message, they also can be expensive to produce.

Here are some of the main reasons why videos can be so expensive:

1.Video Type

The type of video that you select will influence the total cost of production. Animated videos generally incur high costs since they require well-paid professionals and excellent animation skills. If you want to make a cinematic commercial with professional actors, then you may have to consider the amount of money paid to professional directors and actors.

In a nutshell, the higher the quality of your video, the greater the cost will be. Remember, although videos are a costly marketing medium, they are also the best way to attract, engage and retain your target audience. Despite the high initial costs, they are the most cost- effective means to drive revenue and increase client base. So, consider the video as a worthwhile investment for your brand.


Most people don’t realize that the pre-production phase involves a substantial proportion of costs, in addition to the filming procedure itself. Scheduling shoots, gaining permits, location scouting, scriptwriting and other pre-production activities can significantly increase the overall costs of your video.

With the changes in requirements, there may also be a considerable shift in the time it takes to produce the video. So, you should be certain from the very outset about your needs and goals. Hiring the services of a reputable video production company can help you to ascertain your requirements.

If you want to cut your costs, then you should look for a local video production company because they know all about the ideal filming locations in the area. If you’re in San Diego or Los Angeles, contact Blulight Films – the best video production company in this area.


It’s a no-brainer that a proficient and experienced video production crew provides the best video quality. But, with greater expertise comes high service fees. This is one of the reasons why videos are expensive.

Video production crew rates can vary according to the market, region, experience and equipment used. It also depends a lot on the type of video being made because this factor affects the type of equipment and operators required. A stunt video will, therefore, cost more than a conventional video.

Although the production rates may vary considerably, the following are standard daily rates for film crews:

Director – $500 to $20,000

Producer - $500 to $5,000

Commercial Director of Photography – $700 to $2,000

Drone Operator – $550 to $1,400

Motion Graphics Editor – $700 to $30,000

Commercial Video Editor – $500 to $1,000

Gaffer – $250 - $800

Sound technician – $350 to $1000

Grip – $250 to $800

Full Service Video Production – $2,000 to $300,000

And the list of skilled video production technicians goes on and on. Crew is a very important component to a great production. Choose your crew wisely. Remember the saying, you get what you pay for? Well, this is especially important for well qualified skilled creatives and technicians.


The hosts and actors you select for the video will add to your budget. Make sure to make your decision wisely and carefully, after a lot of research. While famous hosts and actors come with high fees, they can help you to reach out to your target audience.

If you intend to produce a major commercial for your business, these costs will matter. However, for branded short documentaries and testimonials, you can choose to minimize your costs by side stepping expensive actors and personalities (although endorsement from such persons can be invaluable if you have the budget).


Factoring in the daily rates of actors and crew, the total cost of your video will depend on how long production lasts. Gear and pre-production costs will also be included under this category.

With more shooting days, you can expect the total cost of video production to increase. High quality videos of longer durations generally require more time for shooting.

A good video production company can save you all these costs by carrying out shooting in the minimum possible time.


Needless to say, film production equipment is expensive. Based on the type of the video you want to produce, you may need a fairly extensive list of equipment, which includes microphones, cameras, grips, lighting and more.

Also, the studio purchase amount or rent will also be part of this cost. All these high costs must be covered through video production. These expenses and investments are eventually recovered from clients in the form of high video costs.

Here at Blulight Films, we use top of line cinema grade video cameras. We have a great selection of cameras to fit every type of job.


There is also a lot of editing, grading and coloring that must be performed after shooting is complete. Titles and motion graphics are also included in post-production expenses. You will need to hire specialized professionals to ensure everything happens smoothly in the post-production phase.

The great thing about Blulight Films is that we can work with most budgets and tailor fit a package that is right for you while still having the high-end cinema quality you are looking for.


Quality vs. Quantity


With countless low quality videos inundating the internet, your video must be of topmost quality to ensure it stands out from all the noise.

By investing more money, you can produce high quality videos that will have far greater appeal and potential to engage viewers. In the prevailing digital space, videos must be compelling, engaging and memorable to make a lasting impact on audiences.

They must also deliver valuable content to viewers. Useful videos add value to prospects’ lives and drive better engagement than images and text. A Wyzowl survey revealed that 79 percent of consumers conceded that videos affected their buying decisions. In addition, 96 percent of individuals watched explainer videos to learn more about a company’s services and products.

Video are definitely the future of marketing. But poor quality videos can be equally detrimental to your business. Brightcove revealed in a survey that 62% of viewers (nearly two-thirds) have a negative impression of the brand after watching inferior quality videos. This proves that cheap and low quality videos are expensive in the long run.

So, how do you want your video to be? Since you are interested in producing quality videos to achieve business success, you should only trust the best in the business. In simpler words, you should collaborate with a company that boasts an impressive portfolio, vast expertise, broad experience and several distinguished clients.

Blulight Films is a leading San Diego-based video production company that can help your company to orchestrate successful marketing campaigns with premium quality videos. We can also produce your videos within YOUR budget. We understands the high costs of video production and we have figured out a way to deliver high quality video content but at affordable rates. All while our customers still receive top notch service, without breaking the bank.

For more information on how we can take your business to the next level with high quality videos, contact Blulight Films today.


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