What Is the Difference Between a Production Company and Videographer?


Before making a video that truly reflects your company and your brand values, you might want to know the core difference between a production company and a videographer.
Find out which one is the better option for you.


Video Production Company vs. Videographer

Photo By: Jakob Owens   Video Production in Process

Photo By: Jakob Owens
Video Production in Process

A good video production company has a notable portfolio, distinguished list of clientele and experienced specialists that handle each step of the production process. Video production companies are run by a team of experts, which includes videographers, directors, camera assistants, audio specialists, lighting experts and more.

A videographer, on the other hand, is basically a camera operator. There is no doubt that videographers have a key role in video making. However, many more professionals are required to fulfill the myriad demands of high quality video content is where production companies come in.

Video production companies have far greater service offerings compared to freelance videographers on. The key reason for this is that video production companies have an extensive staff of highly skilled professionals while videographers basically work on their own.

Production companies employ full-time specialists to manage all facets of video making. Therefore, you can expect higher quality video content from these firms. They employ specialists who all have well-defined roles. They expend all of their energy and focus on just one aspect to ensure that it is done perfectly. Hence, each stage of the production process is executed perfectly with meticulous attention to detail. All the specialists in a video production company work as a cohesive team to ensure that the final product meets the client’s vision.

Videographers often capture footage that does not require direction or dialogue. As a result, they can cover live events, such as weddings, corporate seminars, social gatherings and other similar occasions. Corporate videographers may record business meetings for the purpose of documentation or carry out videoconferencing sessions for executive offices around the globe. Hence, the scope of their service offering is limited.

Video production companies offer all of these services and much more. In fact, they are in a better position to cover social and corporate events since they have the manpower to handle all aspects of these events like communicating with patrons, lighting, moving equipment and more. Videographers have to do all of these jobs on their own and also fulfill the role of directors and producers. This can have a negative impact on video quality.

However, it is worth noting that a lot of video production specialists kick off their career as videographers.

A lot goes on behind the scenes during each phase of video production. There must be enough skilled professionals at hand to operate the camera, hold the sound boom, direct the scenes, illuminate the area properly and so forth. Professional video editing must also be done after the shooting is complete. A lone videographer may not be able to manage all of this on his or her own. But these requirements are business as usual for video production companies. They have the expertise and professionals required to fulfill the vast demands of high quality video production.


Corporate Video Production

Photo By: Ross Sneddon   Corporate Video Production in Progress

Photo By: Ross Sneddon
Corporate Video Production in Progress

Corporate video production has some similarities to movie production. In fact, video production tasks that are carried out behind the scenes are basically the same. However, the most important difference is the scale of time. An average movie is about one-a-half hours in duration. A brand or commercial video, on the other hand, is about one-and-a-half minutes long. This is equivalent to just shooting one film scene.

The workload may be reduced, but the difficulty is not. Corporate videos are complex since the entire brand message and persona must be delivered in a limited time. This requires much more ingenuity, inspiration and innovation. Advertisements are even shorter considering the limited attention span that is now prevalent and the proliferation of ads. Video production companies are well poised for such demands since they have a team of several creative minds to ascertain the best method for success.

Video production companies have the equipment and expertise at their disposal to craft striking commercials and videos in order to engage the public and drive brand awareness. High quality videos also need a good script to capture the attention of viewers. Videographers have little experience in this regard. But video production companies not only have professional scriptwriters, they also have experienced voice actors to deliver excellent audio quality. Professional voice over narration and excellent score are necessary video elements.

Impressive videos also have logos, graphic elements and animations. This requires finesse in the use of video editing software to give that professional touch. Video production companies can also provide the studio settings, high quality equipment and professional environment to record your video. With the help of assistants and lighting professionals, production company cameramen can orchestrate distinctive film making styles. In short, professional video making companies have a strong line up of professionals who can take care of various aspects, from concept creation to final delivery.

Video production companies can make all kinds of video content, which includes promotional, educational or corporate. They can carry out projects in time while ensuring that film quality conforms to client requirements. They also have a meticulous understanding of cost-effective production techniques and budgeting for rich media production.


The Right Choice for Video Production

Photo By: Austin Distel   Client Happy with Purchased Video Production Services Completed

Photo By: Austin Distel
Client Happy with Purchased Video Production Services Completed

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between production company and videographer, you can clearly decide which one is more suitable for your video.

Since there is a plethora of video content on the internet, you must make the right choice for your video to stand out and create a positive impact. After all, your video must reflect your core business values and convey your brand message in a highly compelling manner. You must leave video production to a top San Diego video production company with a proven track record and impressive achievements to its name. Producing high quality video quality video content requires a lot of preparation and hard work, both before and after filming.

An experienced and proficient videographer is just one of the many professionals required to do the job. To cover all aspects of video making, our company employs an entire roster of professionals in addition to videographers. We are very passionate about we do and as our past record indicates, we do it quite well.

A video production company is exactly what your brand or business needs if it wants to compete. For all of your video production needs, you can rely on Blulight Films, a premier San Diego production company.

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