What Type of Core Values Should You Look for in a Production Company?


What does it take to run the best video production company? Here are the core values that lead to success.

Photo By: Jane Doe   Video Production Equipment and Professionals

Photo By: Jane Doe
Video Production Equipment and Professionals

Like all other enterprises, video production companies are distinguished by their core values.

Core values are the fundamental principles of an organization, which define and guide the staff’s behavior and performance. It makes sense to do business with organizations that believe in offering excellent value to their clients.

At Blulight Films, we have established a set of core values to ensure we go the extra mile in fulfilling client objectives. As a consequence of these core values, we have now become one of the leading video production companies in San Diego.

Here are the core values that we follow:


Be a Great Problem-Solver

This particular core value lies at the very heart of business. In fact, problem-solving is the primary reason why businesses exist in the first place.

That is why we are staffed with professionals who have in-depth expertise and technical proficiency in their fields. As part of a meaningful marketing campaign, we offer top-quality video production solutions to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We address different issues and objectives through our corporate, social and marketing videos, such as: what is the best way of engaging the audience? How can we project the brand in the best possible way? How to deliver the best returns in the minimum time on a given budget?

Our commitment to solving client problems is a leading factor behind our success as a video production company.



Photo By: Liyda Nada  Video Production Company Uses Creativity

Photo By: Liyda Nada
Video Production Company Uses Creativity

Creativity is an essential ingredient for solving problems. We believe that creativity can solve seemingly insurmountable problems. We never settle for the quickest or easiest solutions. Rather, we focus our creative energies on developing a customized plan to resolve your unique challenges and issues.

We like to make it fun, allowing our team members to grow in their passions and bring new ideas to the table.

After all, we consider ourselves Creative Alchemists (TM). The team that takes the magical process of transforming one’s vision into reality through creativity and collaboration.


Ambition is a prime factor that can take you to the heights of success. Instead of wanting or waiting for something to happen, you must be highly proactive and have a ‘can-do’ mentality to achieve whatever you want. You will be surprised at how far an ambitious approach can take you.

Our aim is to make the best videos for our clients that can play a significant role in their business success. We strive to exceed each client’s expectations and put their best interests first. We also endeavor to provide the maximum returns for our client’s budget.


We believe that a bold, candid and upfront attitude is critical for winning client trust and delivering the best results. Fostering open and clear communication with our clients is the key to understanding their needs and purveying the best alternatives to their requirements.

Hence, we are always open to suggestions from our clients and we never hesitate to speak our mind about the best way of doing things. This approach leads to a win-win situation for both us and our clients.

We find it very valuable to our clients when you are straight up and don’t beat around the bush. Most business owners want to know they made the right decisions when they engage in a business transaction. Being upfront and honest about all matters, even when it may not be the popular thing to say, is what gains peoples respect and trust. We found that being this way only strengths the relationship.



Photo By: Aaron Blanco Tejedor   Video Production Company Uses Empathy

Photo By: Aaron Blanco Tejedor
Video Production Company Uses Empathy

This is a fundamental value for solving problems and is the most practical way to understand client requirements and how to achieve them.

We believe that it is imperative for us to comprehend the challenges faced by our clients and how we can help them to accomplish their goals. The most effective way to achieve a positive response from your clients is to put yourself in their shoes, and consider what they care about and what they expect from you. This is the key to gauging client expectations and providing services that will meet these criteria.


No business can survive unless it has the ability to adjust and adapt itself to changing client needs and rapidly evolving business environment. This means that you have to be comfortable with working out of your comfort zone. The same goes for businesses.

Adaptability is the diametric opposite of complacency where a person or business simply refuses to move out of their comfort zone, despite the changing status quo. One should not expect to go far in life if they choose to remain in their comfort zone. Hence, the most successful enterprises are agile organizations that rapidly adapt to changing customer attitudes and circumstances. Continuous improvement and innovation are not just novel virtues; they are indispensable ingredients for prosperity.

We keep a close eye on evolving technology and video production techniques that are seeing a surge in demand and adjust our workflow accordingly.


Constructive self-criticism is an integral element for self-improvement. All individuals must show full accountability of their duties and be forthright about areas where they are facing problems. They must have the confidence to seek help than to deflect the issue or put the blame on others.


Lastly, focus is another key virtue of all successful individuals. Their laser-sharp focus allows them to concentrate on the task at hand while excluding all others. This is a time-tested formula for bringing out the best results.

It does not pay to manage too many things at the same time. It is better to master one art rather than to become a jack of all trades.

This key point is an important facet of video production. We don’t try to cut costs by hiring one person for taking on several different roles simultaneously. For each step of video production, we employ the right professionals to do it well. Hence, sound engineers manage the audio only, Cinematographers are in control of the camera and editors are responsible for video editing and nothing else. This helps to ensure the highest possible standard for all stages of video production. When all the stages of production are done perfectly, then the high quality of the final product is virtually guaranteed.

Blulight Films also understands the importance of balance between their client’s quality preferences and their budget when it comes to video production services. When necessary, they will employ professionals that understand multiple disciplines. For example, a director / editor combination, or a grip / gaffer swing person. At the end of the day, we want to make to make sure our clients are happy all the way around.

If this sounds like the video production company that you would like to work with, then we cordially invite you to reach out to us, and give your business the edge over others.

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